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Stain-Crete is a deep penetrating concrete stain system that creates beautiful, mottled color tones in existing concrete. 

Designed for use on old or new concrete in both prestigious commercial projects and intimate residential spaces, Stain-Crete's unlimited design capabilities transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of color and design. 

The hardworking Stain-Crete system provides a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance surface that's as beautiful as it is durable. Due to its deep penetrating formula, Stain-Crete is resistant to the peeling, chipping and cracking of conventional masonry paints and stains.

Create an aura of elegance with the richness of Stain-Crete



  • Brings New Life to Old Concrete Floors
  • Creates a Mottled, Variegated Finish
  • Allows Endless Design Freedom
  • Unlimited Palette of Design Options
  • Affordable Alternative to Tile
  • Enhances any D├ęcor


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