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Color Matic I


The Color Matic I system is the latest liquid color dispensing unit from Increte Systems that efficiently offers liquid pigment to new markets.  It has the same reliability and accuracy that ColorMatic is known for but in a smaller and less expensive footprint.  It also means as demand grows, your system can grow with it.

Pdf _icon _Mini4 Color-Crete Color Chart


•    Industrial touch screen controls
•    Batch history stored and easily retrieved
•    Peel-n-stick label printer for every batch
•    Nozzle rinse to eliminate clogging
•    Auto recycle
•    3 different size storage totes
     (110 gal conical, 250 gal IBC, 350 gal conical)

•    Electrical - 110V
•    Air requirements - 15 CFM@ 80psi
•    Water - 5/8" line
•    Accuracy within .2 lbs
•    Dispenser dimensions  4'x4'x4' (L x W x H)
•    Tote dimensions - 30"x30"x60" (L x W x H)

•    4 - Color storage totes
•    4 - Dispense pumps
•    12" Color touch screen


Color -Matic -S-Info -Graphic

Color -Matic -S-Graphics


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