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Increte Systems is pleased to pursue sustainability and positive environmental impact in its manufacturing practices, eco-friendly products and engineered systems. We understand the critical impact that Sustainable Design and Green Building can have on our world. We also realize that for us to have an impact as a supplier to the decortive industry, we must make it part of our company's culture to provide sustainable building design solutions which achieve social and environmental objectives while providing economic balance.

Through the use of restorative products and systems such as Thin-Crete and Texture-Crete one can eliminate a variety of non-sustainable aspects associated with the removal of existing structurally sound concrete. Surfaces of outstanding beauty and durability can be achieved without the use of acids or VOCs with the application of Increte water based stains, sealers, and coatings.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Increte Systems products and engineered systems offer excellent potential for the generation of a variety of LEED credits.


Through the implementation of national and local VOC rules, the paint and coatings industry has greatly reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) products. These regulations have resulted in many products changing to high-solids and water-based formulations, which give off far less VOC emissions than their oil-based counterparts. Concrete construction products such as curing compounds, cure and seals, water repellent sealers, floor coatings, and form release compounds are included in national and local AIM regulations.

Pdf _icon _Mini4 VOC Regulation Development Areas
Pdf _icon _Mini4 VOC Compliance Maps


The formulation of products and the manufacturing locations each can contribute to the acquisition of LEED credits.

Pdf _icon _Mini4 Increte Systems' Products for LEED Certification
Pdf _icon _Mini4 Increte Product Manufacturing Locations for LEED Certification

Solar -Ref -Index

For more information on SRI click the following:

Pdf _icon _Mini4 Color Hardener SRI Color Chart
Pdf _icon _Mini4 Color Hardener LEED Data
Pdf _icon _Mini4 Color-Crete Color Chart
Pdf _icon _Mini4 Color-Crete SRI LEED Data
Pdf _icon _Mini4 Concrete Stain Color Chart
Pdf _icon _Mini4
Concrete Stain SRI LEED Data

Indust .-Links

The following links provide additional Green Building information:

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